Update! Ugh

Update! Ugh

So, I finally made it back to my OBGYN.

The 4 months of Birth Control did not do what the doctor wanted it to do, so I have been scheduled for a Hysteroscopy. Basically, that means she is going to put me under anesthesia and take parts of my lining on my cervix, and biopsy parts of my Fallopian Tubes and Uterus.

So, then I get told that she is going to biopsy all this and then put in an IUD.

Here I have been trying to explain that I would like to get pregnant but she is recommending that I do this until my body is healthy enough to have a baby. Mainly she is really worried about my lining, as my family has a history of Cervical and Uterine cancer. My Momma had a complete hysterectomy at age 29. Just one year younger than I am now.

It does make me worry but I am actually really nervous about the IUD.

Well, until next time.

‘Bout Time! Finally beat the rash of Satan!

‘Bout Time! Finally beat the rash of Satan!

So on March 16, when I finally got my results from my biopsy stating that it could be my medication causing the rash. I spoke with the Gyno to talk about stopping the Spironolactone.

Here it is 8 days later, I am almost completely healed up. No breakouts, no sores, no itchy spots, nada.

The dermatologist did recommend that whenever I was completely healed to get Mederma Scar Cream with SPF, Scar Away Scar Repair Gel, or Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Cream.

The only thing is I really do not want to spend $65 for the Plexaderm cream. The Mederma is much cheaper and has been tested time and time again. That is the first cream she recommended. The mederma runs between $15 and $35 depending on the size.  I think I may go with that. Plus, I was told that I had to get out in the sun more, but since my Grams had skin cancer, it makes me really iffy to be in the sun for long periods of time.

Even when I wear sunblock, I still get burnt. I am like super pasty white with a hint of purple spidering and tinge of blue. (Primary Raynaud’s Syndrome)

So, Now I have to research some really good sunblock, to find one that isn’t going to turn me into the color of a boiled lobster or ripe tomato.

A couple years back, I had burned so bad, that I had second degree burns on my chest and ended up with Sun Poisoning (Yes, that is a thing).

Basically, Sun Poisoning is a super bad sunburn that causes hives, nausea, dizziness, fever and chills, fatigue, headaches, dehydration, and some pretty nasty blisters.

Example: This is the start of Sun Poisoning. These are the hives, under the blisters, under the burn. It felt like I had the flu.


But, I guess research is in my future.

If you know of any really good sunblock let me know in the comments!

Rash of Satan – Continued!

Rash of Satan – Continued!

Recently, I had posted about getting a pretty nasty rash that I keep breaking out with several bumps at time from taking the Spironolactone.

Since that post, the first day after I stopped it, I had several blisters appear on my arm. Here it is 3 days later, and no blisters, no breakouts and everything looks to be wanting to heal up.

I understand that I am going to be scarred really bad. And the headache is horrible, but it is much better than people staring at you because you are covered in some weird bumps that make you look like you have some sort of plague.

Just wanted to take a few minutes to let you guys know how it was going.

The Rash of Satan!

The Rash of Satan!

So, I started breaking out in these bumps… Then they would turn into huge blisters and then the blisters would pop, causing these huge sores.

I have been back and forth for tests and to the dermatologist and all this to find out that I have superficial and mid perivascular dermatitis with eosinophilia. Which seemed to be caused by my water pill, the Spironolactone.

Did not even think that this pill had caused my arms, stomach and back to look like I came down with the measles or chicken pox (both which I have never had but have been vaccinated for).



This is how it started out….. Then this:


Which ultimately lead to this (the large hole is my biopsy site but everything else around it)


That pill is satan!

I Love my Period – Said No One Ever!

I Love my Period – Said No One Ever!

Well, last night I had started to worry about if I was going to get my period or not. I am just one pill away from being on my 3rd pack of Birth control. So, not starting was freaking me out a bit.

Having a conversation with my boyfriends mom about why cramping hurts me so much but other people seem to be all like, eh.. I told her that I hadn’t started yet. Her exact words ” You will start tomorrow or the next day.”

Woke up this morning to cramping and guess what … Aunt Flo decided to finally show up.

I have a feeling that this time it is going to be pretty short and sweet, seeing how I am fixing to go back to the “hormone based” pills instead of those placebos.

But, I do wonder, why I cramp so bad. I mean this feels like Satan is inside of my uterus grabbing and clawing at everything. I literally cried over an old guy purchasing a couple of oranges using change.

I guess, when April rolls around, I will see where I am at to start seeing about getting off of this birth control. i was just fine without it. I mean, I am ready to have kids, I am ready to try for children and that is something that is hard to do when you have nasty little pills stating “Not today”….

There has to be another way to bring on a period without making a person take birth control.

I am honestly feeling like everything is against me when it comes to trying to start a family. My Gyno, friends, some family members, even some close but not close enough that I would put a fire out for them close people…. Even though I know I will get criticized for saying it… It Is Not Fair At All.

Guess, it is time to just let go, give up and call it good.

Follow Up on Diabetes

Follow Up on Diabetes

So, I ended up seeing my new doctor. Looks like I am not diabetic. I had to have a fasting glucose test. Let me say, I was starving by time I got to the clinic. I went down to the lab, where 5 vials of blood where drawn.

Because I am having severe muscle cramping and fatigue as well as general malaise, she wanted to run a few more tests than what was scheduled. She tried to test my reflexes, which was super hard to do, because I have nerve damage in my right arm from a car accident and well on my knees, it is just hard due to tissue damage.

Because I didn’t really have any type of reflex, she wanted to test my lactic acid and magnesium levels. Hopefully I can find out what is going on.

My Fasting Glucose results:

F FGLU 72 70-100 (mg/dl)

My Hemoglobin A1C results:

F A1C 5.3  (%)
– Normal Hgb A1c Ranges:
– Non-Diabetic: <5.7
– Diabetic: <7.0
F MGR 90

Now I am just waiting on the other results, which will come in on Monday.

Predestined for Diabetes

Predestined for Diabetes

So, recently I was telling you guys that I thought my potassium was really low. I had to fight to even get the blood work for it, but finally got it figured out… Nope

F Piccolo K 3.90 3.60-5.10 (MMO/L)

That was my potassium result. It is a bit low, but it is still in the normal range.

Then When I got my results, I was told that I have to come back in to have more blood work done. I asked why, I was told that my glucose level was high. I had to come in fasting. The screwed up part, is that I had fasted that day. Now I have to do it again but my appointment isn’t until 2pm. I am normally up at 9:30am….. That is a long time to go without food for me. But I was told that I could drink all the water I wanted…

Here is my glucose results:

F Piccolo Glu 140.00  H 73.00-118.00 (MG/DL)

But I also had low liver/kidney function as well:

F Piccolo BUN 6.00  L 7.00-22.00 (MG/DL)

I talked to my mom about it and she literally told me that I am just predestined to have diabetes.

On my Maternal  side:

  • Great-Grandma
  • Great-Grandpa
  • Grandpa
  • Grandma
  • Aunt
  • Great Aunt
  • Mother

Then on my Paternal Side

  • Grandma
  • Uncle
  • Aunt

Not to mention that my mom’s step-dad who I claim as being my grandpa had diabetes and my step-dad has diabetes.

So, no wonder why I am destined to have it. That and Spina Bifida. That runs in our family as well. Had like 3 people have it, including my baby brother.

Hopefully, If I do turn out to be a diabetic then maybe we can get it treated early enough that I don’t become insulin dependent.

The real issue is that I cannot have Metformin as it caused some really bad side effects for me that basically made me stop eating and live on the toilet.

Wish me luck!